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Thursday, April 20, 2006


We had a full house at UCLA yesterday with about 15-20 people standing in the aisles and the back. I was very impressed by the turnout. About 140 people turned out to see "Death in El Valle" at UCLA's Royce Hall.

Many of them were students and I am very grateful to Chair John Dagenais and Adriana Ruiz for getting the word out. The crowd was really warm, smart and knowledgeable about the issues. They also asked terrific questions. What was interesting to me was how much of our discussion centered on the larger issues rather than specific questions about the film. Since this was my intention, I was pleased that I had succeeded in bringing that out from the audience by putting last night's screening into the context of this year's important anniversaries in Spain. I was also really glad that Shirley Mangini could join us. She was a terrific speaker. Her expertise on this subject, both as a writer and scholar of the Spanish Civil War, and a member of ALBA's board, gave a nice touch to our evening.

I had a wonderful time, even though I was a bit nervous at first. I'm finding new inspiration and enjoyment out of talking in front of an audience. I would love to go around the country speaking to students at Universities about this topic!


Blogger highwayscribery said...

Hola Cristina,

Soy Stephen, nos vimos en La Feria el sabado pasado. Acabo de ver "Muerte En El Valle" lo cual me ha impresionado mucho. Soy nieto de dos Asturianos que huyeron la guerra hacia Nueva York y hay tambien en la familia "historias" que no se cuentan y mas que un desaparecido sin explicacion. Creo que es una gran obra y de mucha importancia. Firme la peticion y hare que los mios hagan lo mismo. Este semana le daria al documental un poquitin de aire en mi proprio blog "highwayscribery" en pro del movimiento en que te hayas inscrito.

April 25, 2006  
Blogger CM said...

Gracias Stephen!

Agradezco que tomaste el tiempo de ver el documental y de escribirme. A ver si mutuamenten nos podemos ayudar. Voy a darle un vistazo a tu novela "Vedette" cuando se tranquilizen las cosas.


April 26, 2006  
Blogger highwayscribery said...

Muy bien. Otra cosa. Mi madre Luz Damron compro el DVD para utilizar como herramienta de instruccion en sus clases de Espanol en una universidad allie donde vive in Maryland.

April 27, 2006  

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